The best antivirus software 2022 Free and paid options


The best antivirus software 2022 Free and paid options {Latest}

The best antivirus software can help keep your Windows and other gadget protected against malware and other cyber threats. Although Microsoft Defender antivirus may be enough to keep your PC free from infection, it just can’t match the extra features included with paid antivirus software. But many antiviruses do work not properly as well as they say they do.

They are not able to find malware as well as have to do they don’t always block malicious sites, and their extra features are poorly made and almost never useful (despite charging you an extra fee)They don’t find malware, as well as they, say they do, but they don’t always block malicious sites, and their extra features are poorly made and almost never useful (despite charging you an extra fee). Most high-end and even some mid-range security suites include a VPN, a password manager, parental controls, and/or identity theft protection for less than you would pay to buy each feature separately.


BUY NOW eScan Security Software for Home and Small Office

All of the Windows antivirus programmes on this list have their own engines for finding malware, but the different prices are due to the different features. An antivirus company may offer a free programme, a basic paid programme, a midrange programme with extra features, and a high-end product with all the bells and whistles. But you can often also get antivirus software for Macs, antivirus apps for Android, and security apps for iOS at the same time. When you buy the best antivirus software, you will regain your security, privacy, and peace of mind. Malware won’t be able to harm your devices.

Hackers won’t be able to get your passwords. Advertisers won’t be able to see what you do on the Internet. And your system will work properly secure from vulnerable access keeping data safe from unauthorised access is very necessary for the digital age. The best antivirus software Internet Security solution designed for home and small office users is a comprehensive Antivirus and Content Security Solution. It provides complete protection to your computers against objectionable content and security threats.

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On-Demand Scan:

eScan’s On-Demand Scanner contains built-in Whitelisting and Cache technology for efficient and quick examination of files, memory, folders, as well as other storage devices. Lightweight, it reduces CPU and memory usage while scanning.

Anti-phishing Attacks:

eScan analyzes phishing URLs, emails, and attachments based on malicious behaviour and rejects them automatically.

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Antivirus Norton 360

Norton is the finest antivirus on all platforms.


Norton has 100% malware protection. It has never been done earlier. SONAR is a real-time virus-scanning tool.

We averaged the AV-2016 Test’s exam results to reach this number. In our tests, Norton detected malware attacks and phishing attempts in real time. Norton SONAR uses heuristics and advanced algorithms to discover security issues. It finds new risks by odd activity, not malicious code.


Norton’s Smart Firewall monitors incoming and outgoing connections. It stops attacks before they cause problems.

Windows just verify incoming connections. It doesn’t monitor suspicious outgoing connections from your machine. More: Norton’s firewall hides dormant ports from hackers using port scanning.


Norton’s VPN is excellent. Fast, secure (AES-256 & OpenVPN), private (no logs), torrenting (P2P), auto-connect, kill switch, ad tracker blocking, split tunnel.

Bitdefender’s VPN has a 200 MB daily bandwidth cap. Pay extra to remove the data limit. Norton’s free VPN is unlimited.


Norton’s password manager rocks. Easy passwords. Autofill works. Biometric scanners can access your password vault (fingerprint detection features or facial recognition security  ).

Key  Features:

  • Secured Internet blocks harmful websites.
  • Secured data storage for backups
  • Parental controls: Protect youngsters online.
  • Check data brokers for personal info.
  • Prevent microphone access.
  • Monitor the internet for personal info.
  • Protection against identity theft is offered by LifeLock, including the ability to both discover and restore stolen identities.

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